Prenatal Yoga

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Prenatal Yoga 2nd Trimester

  • Quick daily stretch / Warm up routine
  • Leg Strength Level One
  • Leg Strength Level Two
  • Arms + Gentle Core Strength
  • Full Body Practice
  • Full Body Practice
  • Upper Body Stretch
  • Lower Body Stretch
  • Full Body Stretch
  • Gentle Full Body Stretch

Prenatal Yoga 3rd Trimester

Bonus Materials

Postnatal Yoga
Dear Mama, Congratulations ! Many blessings to your baby and much health to both of you. It is generally recommended to restart physical exercise after obtaining clearance from your OBGYN doctor (on average 6 weeks postpartum checkup). However, you can start with conscious breathing shortly after delivery. Lay down comfortably on your back and take a few slow breaths focusing on your belly. (Consult PDF document for diaphragmatic breathing and transverse abdominis engagement). Start going for walks when you feel ready. Proceed with a few gentle warmup movements and stretches right in your bed (ex.: neck stretches, shoulder circles, gentle side bends, reclined hamstring stretches). Consult your doctor on the best way to take care of the scar in case of cesarian delivery. Do not push yourself hard. Listen to how your body reacts to certain movements and stretches. And respect that. Give yourself time. Your body will heal and gain its strength and flexibility back.

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