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My courses are about variety of effective and unique exercises that make you stronger, more flexible and absolutely in love with your practice 

They are also about self-acceptance and self-love.

One Month Yoga challenge

May 1st - May 31st

5 days on, 2 days off for one month

Main goal: to build consistency with at-home yoga practice and create a habit for a healthy and happy life in your body and in your mind – the only place you can truly call home

What to expect: 15-30 mins classes, each with a different focus, all packed with feel good exercises

Accordion Content

Day 1: Seated warm up 16 min
Day 2: Hamstrings: reclined + seated 20 min
Day 3: Shoulder mobility + stretches 22 min
Day 4: Hatha Yoga 21 min
Day 5: Inner thighs: standing sequence 30 min
Day 6: OFF
Day 7: OFF
Day 8: Sun Salutations 19 min
Day 9: Side body + core + backbends 23 min
Day 10: Hip mobility + stretches: seated + supine 15 min
Day 11: Hatha 27 min
Day 12: Hamstrings: strength + stretches 26 min
Day 13: OFF
Day 14: OFF
Day 15: Booty strength 15 min
Day 16: Twists + side bends + backbends 22 min
Day 17: Feet + ankles + balance 20 min
Day 18: Hip flexors 30 min
Day 19: Wall stretches 18 min
Day 20: OFF
Day 21: OFF
Day 22: Hamstrings flexibility: standing sequence 24 min
Day 23: Core strength + side body 23 min
Day 24: Hip mobility + stretches 22 min
Day 25: Shoulder stretches + heart openers 21 min
Day 26: Hatha 25 min
Day 27: OFF
Day 28: OFF
Day 29: Inner thighs strength + floor stretches 20 min
Day 30: Backbends 27 min
Day 31: Hatha 25 min

Recordings available from May 1st to June, 7 (one week extra after the end of challenge)


Flexibility program

“Journey to front splits”

Prenatal Yoga

Grateful that you are here …

My name is Marina.  I was born in Siberia, Russia and I have always been passionate about physical exercise and health.

I discovered yoga in my twenties and I am sure this practice is here to stay with me forever.

Today I am grateful to be a full-time yoga instructor. I enjoy sharing free classes on my YouTube channel, tutorials and yoga inspiration on Instagram and my uniquely designed programs of courses here.

My knowledge is based on Yoga Alliance certified training, eight years of daily personal yoga practice and five years of teaching regular private and group classes.

My classes are about personal connection, detailed guidance, creative sequences and a genuine interest in your practice and success. I hope my passion for yoga is contagious and inspiring for you.

Love and light,


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