Yoga with Marina Alexeeva

“Journey towards Front Splits”:

9 classes:


3 classes for hamstrings (back side of legs)

3 classes for hip flexors (front side of legs)

3 complete classes for front splits


= more than 12 hrs of practice


+ 1 theory video





This program offers a great variety of exercises and stretches to work on active flexibility, balance, mobility, strength and passive stretching techniques.

This multidimensional and wholesome approach proves effectiveness of this program.


Sequences, exercises and variations of poses and stretches are absolutely unique. Unlike any other classes that you have ever taken. Not even my own YouTube classes for flexibility.

9 videos ( + 1 theory video) 12 hours of effectively structured and uniquely designed classes for different focus and muscle groups.



I offer alignment tips, tricks, modifications and poses that replace teacher’s adjustments. It will greatly benefit your self practice.



Detailed but not boring. My classes are interactive, uplifting, with a little touch of life philosophy and personal insights. My enthusiasm will be contagious.



This program is tailored for different levels. Those who just begin on their flexibility journey and those who want to dive deeper. Classes are in a progression of difficulty. They are here for you to come back to many times and every time fall deeper in love with the practice. I will guide you from splits that have been unachievable to over splits.



This program is about so many other poses: sugar cane, standing splits, revolved half moon, extended hand to toe pose, super soldier.

It is not only about your physical flexibility, it is a journey deeper into your breathing, your mind and your soul. It is here to change your way of stretching.

Course Trailer :

Free classes to learn about my teaching style

But my flexibility program is so much better !


about Flexibility Program towards Front Splits

It is for many levels. This is an intensive course that requires your curiosity and dedication and where we work on our strength, balance, active flexibility in form of various exercises and poses. It is for those who are ready to start practicing front splits. You can try free classes on Youtube to assess your level. But these classes are different. Certain exercises will be easier but still very effective, and certain asanas will be more advanced especially towards the end of the program.

It is more intensive and more detailed. I offer and show more modifications and give even more explanations. There are many exercises and stretches that are very unique and I have not shared them in my YouTube classes. It is more focused on separate muscle groups, for example hip flexors (front side of the thigh) which is very important for your front splits. This course gives you a clear understanding of how to work on your flexibility in a long run. This program is to be repeated many times over the span of years even after you successfully achieve front splits so that you can maintain your level of flexibility and go even farther.

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Videos are displayed on Vimeo. There are no ads there unlike YouTube. You can play these videos from any device like your phone or laptop.

Classes are for your personal practice and discovery. There are plenty of cues, instructions, modifications and explanations given.


However you can always message me on Instagram or contact me here via email  and I will be happy to learn about your experience.

Yes, you can purchase it as a gift for someone else by stating their name and email address at the checkout

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