Yoga with Marina Alexeeva

Welcome to this COMPREHENSIVE workshop for Middle Splits, the asana that seems unattainable and simply painful for so many.

This workshop will make you forget about long holds of passive stretches that make you feel stuck in one position without any progress.

This workshop is MUCH MORE than just middle splits.

It is about STRENGTH, HIP MOBILITY, ACTIVE FLEXIBILITY and passive stretches that will feel relaxing.

This workshop includes 3 classes:

  1. Slower paced beginner – to – intermediate level practice that offers detailed guidance and modifications for various levels. Workshop style class for glute activation, gentle hip mobility and inner thigh stretches accessible for all levels.  1 hr 13 mins

  2. Real time higher intensity intermediate – to – advanced level practice with a focus on strength and deeper stretches. This practice will make you sweat and get much stronger if you follow along but you will always have an option to modify. 1 hr 14 mins

  3. “Lazy stretches”. Flexibility practice for all levels. 37 mins

    I personally use all three classes in my own practice depending on my level of energy. And a combination of these classes with their different intensity and focus work great together.

How does this workshop work?

  • All classes are pre-recorded so you can practice at your own convenience
  • Immediate access to all classes upon completing the purchase
  • Unlimited access to all three classes
  • If you have any questions please message me on Instagram @yogawithmarina or email me at

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